National Multiple Sclerosis Society History

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has been around for more than 55 years now. The organization was created to help anyone with multiple sclerosis in fighting the tough battle that they are likely to face once the disease starts to progress. This disease of the nervous system can affect people of all ages and is hereditary in nature. Loss of vision, paralysis, numbness and issues with walking are some of the complications that the disease can lead to.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society was formed in 1946 to ensure that those suffering from multiple sclerosis have someone to go to with their special needs and issues. The organization therefore helps people at an individual level and a private level to meet the challenges of life.

The story behind the formation of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society goes like this. Sylvia Lawry, whose brother suffered from multiple sclerosis, put an advertisement in the classifieds in "The New York Times" to ask if anyone had come across a treatment for multiple sclerosis and if they have recovered. Instead of receiving any response with regards to the treatment option, she received a lot of letters from other people who had the same question. Lawry mobilized a group of friends and advisors and formed the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The initial intent of the organization was to promote contacts among neurologists and to raise funds that could support research in finding an answer to the MS question. The first grant that the organization received was from "The Society of the Advancement of Multiple Sclerosis Research". The grant was provided to understand the immunology of the medical condition. The grant was given to Dr. Elvin Kabat in 1947 at the Columbia University. This research showed that there were abnormal immunologic proteins in the spinal fluid of MS patients and oligoclonal bands were valuable in diagnosing multiple sclerosis.


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